Climate Science

Peer reviewed papers

Assessing atmospheric temperature data sets for climate studies

by Magnus Cederlöf, Lennart Bengtsson, Kevin I Hodges. Published 2016-07-28 in Tellus.

Non-peer reviewed papers

Using seasonal variations to estimate earth's response to radiative forcing.

Version 0.6 Nov 2014. By using the seasonal variations in the two hemispheres, the climate sensitivity can be calculated to about 0.3C. This paper has been discussed in two blog posts at (here and here).

Selected blog posts at (in Swedish)

2014-04-03 No warming in Sweden for 25 years / Ingen uppvärmning i Sverige på 25 år

There has been no warming in Sweden for the last 25 years according to ECMWF data.

2014-06-10 Sweden's latest climate disaster / Sveriges senaste klimatkatastrof

About the extremely cold year 1867 in Northern Sweden that caused thousands of death by starvation and about forced about 60000 people to become climate refugees.

2014-06-30 Sunspots and winter temperatures / Solfläckar och vintertemperaturer

About the non-existest relationship between sun spots and winter temperatures in Sweden.

2014-08-25 The ravages of Malaria in Sweden / Malarians härjningar i Sverige

Malaria was widespread and a common cause of death in Sweden as late as in the end of the 19th century.

2015-01-20 The weather powers control the temperature in Sweden / Vädrets makter styr temperaturen i Sverige.

Increased solar irradiance and increased southerly wind are the main causes of increased temperatures in Sweden.

2015-03-16 Large errors in the global temperature series / Stora fel i de globala temperaturserierna

Large errors can be found in the global temperature series GISS and HadCRUT when inspecting the temperature records for Iceland and Sweden.

2015-04-17 BEST is better but not very good / BEST är bättre men inte särskilt bra

There are not as large errors in BEST for Iceland and Sweden as there are in GISS and HadCRUT. However BEST fails to identify the UHI effect and thinks that rural areas should be adjusted upwards to match the cities.

2015-07-03 The reality vs the climate model 1-0 / Verkligheten vs Klimatmodellen 1-0

There is no relationship between measured temperatures and simulated temperatures using a CMIP5 model for Uppsala, Sweden.